Maryland Green School Information

Rockburn became a green school during the 2010-2011 school year and was recertified during the 2013-2014 schoolyear. Our certification expired at the end of the 2016-2017 school year. We are up for certification again this year (2018-2019). Look to this page to find progress of the recertification process.



While you wait...

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Some of Rocburn's Past Green Information (To be updated throught the 2018-20169 School year.)

The students, staff and community have worked hard to keep the environment in the forefront of our everyday work at school. Led by our Green School staff committee and We Care student committee, we have continued the work we started and added a lot of new projects along the way. 

Environmental Education

We have worked hard to bring a variety of environmental experts to teach the students at Rockburn about topics such as: recycling, gardening, saving energy, composting, butterflies, erosion, and birds. Teachers in all grades plan lessons and activities throughout the year that incorporate taking care of our environment.


The entire Rockburn community is involved with recycling efforts through eNewsletter and morning annoucements, school-wide contests and broadcasts, bulletin boards and banners, daily collections, cafeteria skits, and STEM and art activities using recycled materials.

Outdoor Learning Areas

Rockburn students and staff love to get outside to maintain and improve our butterfly, vegetable, and rain gardens. We are currently working to create a classroom courtyard garden and an outdoor classroom with a bird habitat. We also enjoy taking students outside whenever possible to enjoy nature and use the outdoors to help implement many curricular lessons.

Environmental Service Activities

Students at Rockburn collected shoes as part of the "We Care" shoe drive to help children in Africa; collected gently used books to encourage re-use vs. landfill through a book swap; and organized an annual school grounds clean-up to keep litter our of our waterways. We are in the process of collecting gently used items for an animal shelter.

Schoolwide / Community "Green" Lessons

Our fourth grade "We Care" committee loves teaching "green" lessons. They planned lessons and created activities for students in Kindergarten, first, and second grade to be implemented during Earth Week. These same students also created skits and videos to present during lunch and in school-wide broadcasts which encourage kids to bring a "trash free" lunch to school.